Crazy Connection: Time Traveller

Mal & Wicca FullFinal



Stylecard Malicia:

Hat: Bliss Couture – “Naja Hat” (Holiday Edition)

Necklace: Lazuri – “Celeste Heirloom Special Edition Necklace”

Skin: Silken Moon – “Silke” – NEW

Lips: Silken Moon – “Simone” – NEW

Eyeshadow: Silken Moon – “Elemental”

Dress: LeeZu – “Mali Dress” Boots: Redgrave – “LQMesh Overknees Boots KIM” Hair:

Exile – “Erase and Rewind” Nails: Silken Moon – “Shinez”

Stylecard Wicca:

Hat: Xen’s Hat – “Danni”

Skin: Silken Moon – “Wicca”

Lips: Silken Moon – “Luna Lips Silverrush Underlay & Overlay”

Eyeshadow: Silken Moon – “Luna Eyes Silverrush”

Pants: Maitreya – “Couture Leggings”

Top: ISON – “Leather Asymmetrical Jacket”

Hair: LeLutka – “Pocahontas”

Nails: Silken Moon – “Shine Pastels”

Pose: Wicca’s Wardrobe – “Catch me if you can”

Models: Malicia Python & Wicca Merlin

Photographer: Wicca’s Merlin

Mal & Wicca FaceFinal

Crazy Connection & Miamai

Miamai Full

Wicca’s Style Card

Skin: Silken Moon – “Luna Ghost”

Dress: Miamai – “Aguane”

Headpiece: Miamai – “Collapse” (part of the outfit)

EyePiece: GizzA – Papillion”

Hair: LoQ

Dahriel’s Styling Card

Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ Lucis Skin -Horror edition 04 A -NEW- at Frost Fair

Ears; *~*Illusions*~* Sylph Ears:

Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Snowdrop Hair -NEW- at Frost Fair

Outfit: Miamai_BL_Leidenschaft Jacket -NEW-

Nails: A:S:S – SLINK avatar enhancement system nails – Golden Thread -NEW-

Head attach: ~Casuka~ Headjewel “Medusa”

Shoes: MIAMAI_[BL] – Miles-Oxford -NEW-

Wicca Styling Card

Poses: *PosESioN*

Sofa: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Vrooom Sofa Red

Models: Wicca Merlin & Dahriel

Photographer Dahriel

Crazy Connection: 12 Days after Christmas Ruffle

12 days of X mas poster

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12 days rules

It starts today and every day you have a chance of winning amazing gifts from the 3 designers of the Crazy Connection.

12 days prizes copy2

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Crazy Connection:

Crazy Connection: Gemini

CC - Catchme if you can 001

Endure the pain
you know my name
I am your soul insane

I am no one
no one who cares
I am your soul despair

Your fear deceives
leaving an easy prey

Consume your mind
a power so divine
will take you and rape you blind

Gemini master of demise
your death is my salvation
to a kingdom mine
my lord is my light
the master of darkness
your death is my salvation
to a kingdom mine

You look at me with eyes of fate
and see the graphic truth

Your ignorance cannot shield you
from your naked abuse
numbling of your moral sense
facing reality
That life is unconditional
and death is only the beginning

The pain will never end…

Walking slow, breathing heavy
you could see death sweat
how it shined
an argument out of control in my mind

I am here for the sole purpose of your death
walking slow breathing heavy
you can see death sweat.

I am here for the sole purpose of death
look into my eyes and see the revelation of your demise
feel the pain that stares at the center of your heart
reflections of my soul
reflections of the dark

CC - Catchme if you can 002



Dress: Shi – “Toga Dress”

Head Piece: PurpleMoon – “Creatura”

Nails: PurpleMoon – “La Morte Douce Claws”

Skin: Silken Moon – “Morbida – Heavy Metal”

Bracelets: Wicca’s Wardrobe (coming soon)


Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ David Skin -Horror edition 04 C

Lashes: ~Tableau Vivant~ Light&Shadows~ Diamond tears

Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~Beck Hair –

Earing: .Shi : Journey Earring

Bermudas: .Shi : Drape Bermudas

Finger Gloves: .Shi : Fingerless Glove [Male]

Leg Harmes .Shi : Leg Harness {PATENT-HOMME}

Neck Warmer: .Shi : Hesed Neck Warmer {Mystic}

Feets: -Glam Affair Homme – Vanity Feet –

Poses: *PosESioN*

Furniture: 22769 – “Kafka Seat”

Lyrics: Slayer

Models: Dahriel & Wicca

Photographer: Wicca Merlin

The Crazy Connection for the Peace on Earth 6 hunt!


*PosSEsioN* hunt item for the POE6

WW - POE 6 Hunt Item Vendor

Wicca’s Wardrobe – Poses hunt item for the POE6


Silken Moon hunt items for POE6

All 3 hunt gifts will be places at the Crazy Connection

Happy Hunting!!

Crazy Connection – Already goodbye for the summer?

CC Epic 1

The weather becomes colder again and the kisses of the sunbeams are not that hot anymore. But still, we have some days with more sun than rain and they can be warm enough for a last journey to the beach 😉

That’s why Dahriel and me decided we wanna have some fun at the beach with Epicosity designs.

I have to admit, I never heard about Epicosity before, but Dahriel was talking so good about them that I became curious. I was really surprised as a while later I got a very nice and kind IM and some boxes sent by the designer. Early Christmas! I ran home and unpacked them and i have to admit Dahriel was right. The amazing “Monokini” that comes in 3 different color pattern versions really is something special. The mesh bathing suit comes with a HUD for each set and you can change the textures and colors in a lot of different parts and versions. I started playing around a bit and finally chose the teal/blue color. I wanted to go for a light elegant look, as I loved the vintage touch of the “Monokini”. So I added the “Crystal Reality”. This jewelry from Finesmith usually comes with a full dress, but I loved the shape and color so much and it was the perfect addition for this look for me.

The hair was one of the releases of Miamai for the Hairfair 2013. The teal colored flower with the white pearl in the middle totally catched the vibe I wanted to have to my look.

CC Epic Wicca

Since we did not talk about any colors or styles I was not sure if it would match to my brothers style but i thought we can give it a try. As he came to my home, where we wanted to shoot, he came in red and black. It made a great contrast to my teal. He was wearing the “Big Kahuna Trunks” as well from Epicosity. The amazing pattern of the texture reminded me as well of a vintage looking style. I really loved the towel from, that he had laying loosely over his shoulder. None of us interfered the other with the colors Dahriel started to adjust his settings as he was going to shoot the pictures.

CC Epic Dahriel

As the question came to the poses he asked me if we could not use some of our own poses since we both make poses now. I was very grateful for this idea and that he asked for that and started looking through my self made poses.

Sure he has a wider range to choose from since he has his amazing huge store for quiet some time, but we managed to find one each of our own creations that in the end matched together ;).



Bathing Suit: Epicosity – “Monokini” (mesh)

Shoes: Redgrave – “Helena” (mesh)

Jewelry: Finesmith – “Crystal Reality” (part of the dress)

Hair: Miamai – “Degarda” (Hairfair 2013)

Tattoo: White Widow – “Special Gift 2”

Skin: Silken Moon – “Wicca”

Lipstick: Silken Moon – “Wicca Lips Teal”

Pose: Wicca’s Wardrobe – “Swag Casual”


Skin: KOOQLA_ – “Gray (03)_dark brow”

Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * – “*ALISON*/brown”

Sunglasses: Vooza – “Aviator Glasses”



Swinwear: {EPIC} – “Big Kahuna Trunks”

Pose: *PosESioN*

Models: Wicca Merlin & Dahriel

Photographer Dahriel

Crazy Connection: The Soul Mirror

CC Solidea & AD

The Soul Mirror

Loki was an immortal, some even thought him to be a kind of evil god. In fact he was a magician who simply stole the life from others. Being a handsome man, he liked the girls wooing over him, wherever he met them. But he did not really care for the women he could have easily. And he could get quite obsessed with the ones that ignored him.

Once, his eye fell on a very pretty girl and he thought her an easy pray for his looks and charms. But she did not fall for him. Always polite, she turned him down. He sent her flowers, he sent her gifts and she always thanked him heartily – but her heart did not warm up to him.


CC Solidea & AD 2

He got mad at every man around her, even her brothers and made their lives difficult wherever he could. But that only made her care more for those who suffered his magical interferences. Loki got so frustrated about not getting his will, he decided to make her his by force.

He weaved a gown from cobwebs and added shiny mirrors made from frozen tears. When it was ready, he went to the girl under the pretext of saying goodbye. She let him in and accepted the farewell-gift. He begged her to try it on and she did. But as soon as she looked into one of the mirrors, she felt her soul being drawn into one of the mirrors. Her body stood there like a statue.


CC Solidea & AD 3

Loki snatched the mirror, her soul was trapped in and looked at her. “Now you are mine at last!” He cried out in triumph. She just looked at him with such a sadness, that what was left from his heart broke. Feeling he did something wrong for the first time in aeons overwhelmed in and he broke the mirror, and so the spell and let her go.

Having returned to her body she felt like she had fell asleep for some seconds. Looking at Loki clutching a piece of mirror in mental agony. He cut his hand and as his blood touched the magic mirror, some very old magic came to life. He was granted a wish. In his state the only thing he wished for was to be loved and cause no more harm.

He dropped dead to the floor – because this is the only way to grant someone never hurts somebody else again.


CC Solidea & AD 4



Outfit: SoliDea FoliEs & [AD] Creations – “Luxury” – NEW (mesh)

Hair: LoQ – “Pancake”

Jewelry: Mandala – “Lotus Earrings” & “Milky Way Bangles”

Shoes: [Diktator] – “Envy”

Skin: Silken Moon – “Wicca”

Lipstick: Silken Moon – “Wicca Lips Android” – NEW

Eyeshadow: L.Fauna – “Smokey Cat Shadow” & Elysium: “Geometrica Line”

Tattoo: iNFLiCT – “Eternity Awaits”


Skin: . : VyC : .  GABRIEL Skin

Outfit: *Solidea FoliEs* London Calling

Boots: Yasum*Heavy Boot*

Eyes: Az… Macabre I Blacklin

Poses: *PosESioN*

Photographer: Dahriel

Story: Malicia Python

Models Dahriel & Wicca